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Finally, the regiment became active in April of 1863. They were to help with the siege of Charleston. So the regiment departed on the 3rd of April to the bay of Charleston. The steamers arrived on the 5th of April at 3:00 am. The ship laid anchor and waited for the rest of the forces to arrive. In the morning the ships were met by heavy fire from Fort Sumter, Fort Wagner, and many other batteries set around to help protect Charleston*.
One transport ship landed, but it met heavy resistance. So they retreated back to the ship. The entire force retreated on the 8th. The siege failed and the army returned back to Hilton Head, South Carolina. Again on July 9th, the army boarded transports and headed towards Charleston. The Army consisted of about 45,000 men. The men would land all over the Charleston area. The bulk of the army would land near Charleston itself. The rest would land on an island called Morris Island. On the 11th of July the 7th Connecticut landed on the island. The forced the rebels to retreat from there rifle pits*.
The 7th Connecticut tried to pursue them but the artillery from Fort Wagner stop them. Later that day, about 15,000 men landed


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