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!!Fort Fisher Today!!


        There is only about 10% left of Fort fisher today.  The Peninsula is slowly eating away at the fort.  Shepard's Battery and the Sally Port are fully restored and visitors can walk around them.  The National park Service has also restored the 9 foot palisade fence around the land face of the fort.  There is also a small monument commemorating all those who died in the battle.  If you follow interstate 421 to the end of the Peninsula you will find the remains of the mound battery and Battery Buchanan.  There is a huge chunk taken out of the fort because during WWII, the government built an air strip down the middle of the fort.  This destroyed much of the forts land face

        There is a place for pic-a-nic-ing and beach fun as well.  Right below Kure Beach.   It is a very nice place to visit and take the family.